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Munster Band Backer Charms Account Administration
Every student in the Munster High School Band, Marching Band, and Color Guard has an account in the “Charms”system. 
The Munster Band
Backers use these individual Charms accounts to track band-related expenses incurred, payments received and fundraising dollars credited. 
Once the system is set up for the current school year you will receive a temporary login from the Band Backers Vice-President to access Charms
for the first time. You will then be prompted to change your login information to something you can use to access Charms moving forward.

Band/Guard-Related Expenses Tracked in Charms Accounts
Throughout the year, band/guard families will incur band-related expenses that are administered by the Band
Backers via the Charms accounts. These expenses range from $150 to $200 per year, and may include the following:
    --Summer Uniform Shirt  (EXCLUDES Show Shirt which is processed by MHS)
    --Marching shoes, gloves, or other personal uniform accessory
    --Marching season transportation costs
        (INCLUDES cost of fuel, drivers, and rental of semi -trailer and box truck, cost of busses used through STM)
    --Winter/Spring Formal Concert Wear
    --State Competition travel expenses (Meals, hotel, etc.)
    --Spring banquet tickets for student and family members – off-site dinner
    --Band Backer annual Membership Fee
    --Band trip expenses (Meals, airfare, hotel, etc.)

Deposits/Credits to Charms Accounts
Checks payable to “Munster Band Backers” delivered to the Band Backer Treasurer.
Participation in select fundraisers/programs from which students earn credits (Example: FRIP).
Payments from Charms Account Credit Balance
Payments for band-related expenses administered by the Band Backers (as listed above) may be made from a
student’s account with a credit balance. A student’s parent must make the request to the Treasurer.  The Band Backer
membership may approve additional expenses via a formal vote at a Band Backer meeting.
Charms account credit balances may not be used to pay for fundraising items that a family purchases.
Charms account credit balances are never paid out in cash. Charms account balances of graduating seniors are either 

transferred to a sibling’s account or lapse to the Munster Band Backer general fund.

Payments will be collected in three installments this year - $60 due on July 26th and September 27th with a final
payment, whose amount is TBD but roughly $60, due on November 15th.

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