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MHS Band Fundraising Committees

The following committees are always looking for new volunteers.  For more information about any of these various other
fundraisers are being considered for the year and more information will follow about those specific opportunities when they
are decided.  New fundraising ideas can always be suggested to the board at a Band Backers Meeting.  Certain fundraisers
are meant to support individual student Charms accounts and others are meant to raise necessary funds for the Band
Backers organization to offset the costs of running the band program that are not covered by student fees.  If you would like
to help with any of our fundraising efforts, contact a board member.  Specific requests for volunteers will come at various
times throughout the year for some of the event fundraiser.  The following fundraising opportunities exist every year:

  1.  Bi-Monthly Ongoing             FRIP (Fee Reduction Incentive Program)
        Discount percentages/profits are shared between participating families and the band.  Committee provides order forms
        through emails, collects and fills orders, and markets the program to other parents.
  2. Ongoing                                      Sponsorships
       Chair coordinates the solicitation of financial support from area businesses and individuals.
  3. Various - Ongoing                   Restaurant Fundraisers
       Chair coordinates with restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, Panera, Five Guys, Chipotle to have band fundraiser nights. 

       Chair provides restaurant vouchers/flyers to band families.
  4. Various times of year             Car Wash Coupon Cards
       Coupon cards are sold to Easy Clean Car Wash – 5 Ultimate Washes for $25 or 5 Regular Washes for $20. Families can

       purchase for themselves and sell to family and friends.  Students earn 50% of value of cards sold in their Charms account to
       be used for fees.
  5. Fall – Football season            Football Game Tailgate
       Held prior to a pre-selected home football game, the Committee coordinates the purchase/donation of food, and handles

       the set-up/clean up, cooking, and food sales.
  6. November                                    Bunco (Ladies Night Out)
       Committee gets event location, and orders food and beverages. Committee seeks business donations for raffle baskets and

       door prizes; sets up/cleans up, decorates and works event.
  7. December (1st weekend)      Concessions at the Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair at MHS
       Chair works with Parks Department and Athletic Office to secure our participation. Committee coordinates
       purchase/donation of food; secures workers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to set up/clean-up and sell food.
  8. March                                              ISSMA Contest Concessions
       Chair works with Band Director to coordinate details of the Middle School ISSMA Contest hosted at WWMS.
       coordinates purchase/donation of food to sell; secures workers for Friday and Saturday to set up/clean-up and sell food,
       coordinates meals for judges’ room, helps secure volunteers to work ISSMA event.
  9. March                                              Pasta and Pizzaz
       Chair works with Band Director to coordinate student performances during dinner that is prepared and served by

       Committee. Committee seeks business donations for raffle baskets, silent auction, etc..
10. April                                                 Prom Grand March
       Committee decorates and facilitates the event held in the MHS field house, including clean-up.

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