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Every student in the Munster High School Band, Marching Band, and Color Guard has an account in the
“Charms”system. The Munster Band Backers use these individual Charms accounts to track band-related
expenses incurred, payments received and fundraising dollars credited.  Once the system is set up for the
current school year you will receive a temporary login from the Band Backers Vice-President to access 
Charms for the first time. You will then be prompted to change your login information to something you
can use to access Charms moving forward....

Charm's Website

Band/Guard-Related Expenses Tracked in Charms Accounts
Throughout the year, band/guard families will incur band-related expenses that are administered by the Band
Backers via the Charms accounts. These expenses range from $300 to $400 per year, and may include the following:
    --Summer Uniform Shirt  (EXCLUDES Show Shirt which is processed by MHS)
    --Marching shoes, gloves, or other personal uniform accessory
    --Marching season transportation costs
        (INCLUDES cost of fuel, drivers, and rental of semi -trailer and box truck, cost of busses used through STM)
    --Winter/Spring Formal Concert Wear
    --State Competition travel expenses (Meals, hotel, etc.)
    --Spring banquet tickets for student and family members – off-site dinner
    --Band Backer annual Membership Fee
    --Band trip expenses (Meals, airfare, hotel, etc.)

Deposits/Credits to Charms Accounts
Checks payable to “Munster Band Backers” delivered to the Band Backer Treasurer.
-Participation in select fundraisers/programs from which students earn credits (Example: FRIP).

-Payments from Charms Account Credit Balance
-Payments for band-related expenses administered by the Band Backers (as listed above) may be made from a
student’s account with a credit balance. A student’s parent must make the request to the Treasurer.  The Band Backer
membership may approve additional expenses via a formal vote at a Band Backer meeting.
-Charms account credit balances may not be used to pay for fundraising items that a family purchases.
-Charms account credit balances are never paid out in cash.

-Charms account balances of graduating seniors are either transferred to a sibling’s account or lapse to the Munster Band Backer
general fund.

2019-2020 MHS Band Family Point System

Band Parent Point System

Purpose: To ensure adequate support is available to the band/guard program
and students during marching season, competitions, and throughout the year.
Please click on the below links for additional information.

Point System Power Point

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Band Backer's Meeting Notes

Volunteers Committees

Parent volunteering with the MHS Band is an incredibly rewarding experience; not only will you help make a difference in the lives of hundreds
of young men and women, but you will also enjoy the unique opportunity to become part of the MHS Band Family. The Band Backers plan and coordinate many of the activities related to the band program; we assist the kids with uniforms, prepare the props for the shows, load/unload
props at the shows, fund raise and coordinate celebrations. In order to accomplish all these yearly tasks, we need a strong parent base to
coordinate activities and projects. Please see the list of committees/coordinator opportunities below and consider volunteering to help.

Uniform Committee
Our Uniform chairperson orders summer uniform shirts, items for marching season and concert wear. Committee members measure and fit

students for uniforms and concert wear, alter uniforms where needed and coordinate uniform cleanings during and at the end of the season. Committee members are also available at performances to assist students and mend uniforms if needed. This is a wonderful way to get to know
the students and be a great help to the program. STM Background Check is required to be on this committee. 2019-20
Co-chairs: Marie Gambetta [email protected] and Jen Segvich [email protected]

Band Camp Coordinator
This person coordinates an on site “Newbie” Lunch the first Friday of band camp and passing out popsicles once a week during camp. The

Newbie Lunch is an opportunity for all the students to sit down and enjoy a great meal together and introduce the seniors to all the new kids
and the new kids to the band. Duties include: verifying the time with the band director and drum majors, coordinating the meal donations or purchasing items needed, getting volunteers to help with setup/serving/cleanup.  We will need a new coordinator for the 2020 band camp.
Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in this position.

Water/Ice Coordinator
The water coordinator ensures that there is water available for the kids at football games and performances. This involves loading the coolers

with ice and bottled water (donated by band families) and making sure they are placed on the semis for performances and taken to the field
for games. This is a two person or family job. We will need new coordinators for the 2020 season. 
Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in this position.

Pit Crew
The pit crew helps the band move equipment and instruments on and off the field for performances and loads/unloads the semi before/after competitions. Member of this committee should be able to commit to attending most of the marching competitions. Chair works with band directors to staff pit crew for competitions. 2019-20 Chairperson: Linda Bevil [email protected]

Prop Building Crew
Members of this committee will help build the props for the Marching show. The chairperson coordinates with the band directors and artistic

director to design props and purchases materials needed. We welcome anyone that can swing a hammer or wield a paint brush; there is a lot
that goes into outfitting the yearly show and all talents are needed! 2019-20 Chairperson: Jerry Bevil    [email protected]

Dine to Donate Coordinators
The restaurant fundraiser coordinator works with local restaurants to plan Dine to Donate nights for the band. Duties include setting up monthly dining events and getting the flyers to the board for distribution to the band families.

2019-20 Coordinators:  Lisa Morris  [email protected]   and  Abir Clark    [email protected]

Senior Night Coordinators
Senior night Coordinators secure a photographer for the night and prepare the list of student/parent names for the announcers, order the
flowers for the parents and blankets for the students. They will also need to have the student pictures taken and posters printed for the fence.
2019-20 Coordinators: Michelle Gilhooly  [email protected]  and Amy Dennis [email protected]  

FRIP Coordinators
The FRIP Coordinator takes care of the online orders and distributes the cards to the customers. Additional duties include publicizing the
program, training new users and tallying the profits to be applied to charms accounts.
2019-20 Coordinators: Catharine Olsen [email protected] and Trisha Ohnstad [email protected]

Spring Banquet Committee
This committee is responsible for putting together our Spring Banquet. Duties include choosing the menu, securing the space, sending the invites, coordinating the senior gifts, decorating and set up/clean up on the day of the event.
2019-20 Chairperson: Michelle Gilhooly  [email protected]t    We are looking for a co-chair for this event for 2020.
Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in this position. 

Scholarship Coordinator
The Munster Band Backers offer two, one-time, $500 scholarships to qualified seniors. This position cannot be filled by a senior parent.

Coordinators publicize the contest, secure the judging by outside individuals, collect entries, and facilitate the notification and announcement
of the winners. 2019-20 Coordinator: Daniela Ilijevski  [email protected] 

Sponsorship and Donation Committee
This committee handles all sponsorship requests and coordinates donations. Members will solicit local businesses to sponsor the band and/or

purchase AD space in our annual Munster’s Got Talent program book. They will also coordinate donations received from businesses and
organizations supporting the band. 2019-20 Chairperson: Dejan Ilijevski  [email protected]

Publicity Coordinator
The publicity coordinators publicize band events and handle the social networking for the Band Backers. They will work closely with the board

and reach out to local businesses on behalf of the organization to ‘get the word out’.
2019-20 Coordinators: Jeanette Babus  [email protected]   and  Stephanie Corral  [email protected]

Spirit Wear Sale Coordinator
This person coordinates the fall spirit wear sale. Duties include working with the sports shop to choose items to sell and distribute items when

they come in.  2019-20 Coordinator: Anna Sklar   [email protected]

Color Guard Liason
The Color Guard Liaison manages the cleaning and maintenance of the color guard uniforms and assists the students when needed. This person

is also required to attend Band Backer meetings and relay necessary information to Color Guard parents and students throughout the year.
2019-20 Liaison: Bonnie Manojlovic  [email protected] 

Concessions Committee
The concessions committee will plan and coordinate all concession events throughout the year. This includes acquiring donated items, shopping

for and preparing food and scheduling volunteers to work the event. Our yearly events are: Tailgate (September or October),
Craft Fair (December) and 2 ISSMA events (February and March); there may be other events throughout the year that need small concessions.
2019-20 Chairperson: Stacie Trivunovic  [email protected]

Prom Grand March Committee
This event involves decorating the field house and collecting entry fees for the ‘Grand March’ before prom. Members will find out the theme for

the dance and decorate based on that theme. 2020 Chairs – Stephanie Corral  [email protected]   and Julie Witten  [email protected]

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