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Every student in the Munster High School Band, Marching Band, and Color Guard has an account in the
“Charms”system. The Munster Band Backers use these individual Charms accounts to track band-related
expenses incurred, payments received and fundraising dollars credited.  Once the system is set up for the
current school year you will receive a temporary login from the Band Backers Vice-President to access 
Charms for the first time. You will then be prompted to change your login information to something you
can use to access Charms moving forward....

Charm's Website

Band/Guard-Related Expenses Tracked in Charms Accounts
Throughout the year, band/guard families will incur band-related expenses that are administered by the Band
Backers via the Charms accounts. These expenses range from $300 to $400 per year, and may include the following:
    --Summer Uniform Shirt  (EXCLUDES Show Shirt which is processed by MHS)
    --Marching shoes, gloves, or other personal uniform accessory
    --Marching season transportation costs
        (INCLUDES cost of fuel, drivers, and rental of semi -trailer and box truck, cost of busses used through STM)
    --Winter/Spring Formal Concert Wear
    --State Competition travel expenses (Meals, hotel, etc.)
    --Spring banquet tickets for student and family members – off-site dinner
    --Band Backer annual Membership Fee
    --Band trip expenses (Meals, airfare, hotel, etc.)

Deposits/Credits to Charms Accounts
Checks payable to “Munster Band Backers” delivered to the Band Backer Treasurer.
-Participation in select fundraisers/programs from which students earn credits (Example: FRIP).

-Payments from Charms Account Credit Balance
-Payments for band-related expenses administered by the Band Backers (as listed above) may be made from a
student’s account with a credit balance. A student’s parent must make the request to the Treasurer.  The Band Backer
membership may approve additional expenses via a formal vote at a Band Backer meeting.
-Charms account credit balances may not be used to pay for fundraising items that a family purchases.
-Charms account credit balances are never paid out in cash.

-Charms account balances of graduating seniors are either transferred to a sibling’s account or lapse to the Munster Band Backer
general fund.

2019-2020 MHS Band Family Point System

Band Parent Point System

Purpose: To ensure adequate support is available to the band/guard program
and students during marching season, competitions, and throughout the year.
Please click on the below links for additional information.

Point System Power Point

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Band Backer's Meeting Notes

Volunteers Committees

Parent volunteering with the MHS band is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only will you help make a difference in the lives of hundreds
of young men and women, but you will also enjoy the unique opportunity to become part of the MHS Band family. For many years, parents, 
family, and friends of the band have donated countless hours to help provide an ​extraordinary experience for our members.

The following committees are always looking for new volunteers.  For more information about any of these various other fundraisers are being considered for the year and more information will follow about those specific opportunities when they are decided.  New fundraising ideas can
always be suggested to the board at a Band Backers Meeting.  Certain fundraisers are meant to support individual student Charms accounts and
others are meant to raise necessary funds for the Band Backers organization to offset the costs of running the band program that are not

covered by student fees.  If you would like to help with any of our fundraising efforts, contact a board member.  Specific requests for volunteers
will comeat various times throughout the year for some of the event fundraiser.  The following fundraising opportunities exist every year:

Marching Season Uniforms
One person orders summer uniform shirts and items for marching season. Committee measures and fits students’ uniforms; provides mending assistance at performances; and get uniforms cleaned at the end of the season.

Band Camp Committee
  1. “Welcome Freshman” Lunch - Committee coordinates an on-site lunch for band during the first week of the July/August camps, including
      getting food through purchase or donation; and setting up, serving and  cleaning-up.
  2. Band Camp Snacks – Committee requests snack donations, and distributes snacks to band at the conclusion of practice several times per
      week during camp, including cleanup.
  3. Cold Cloths – Provide a cooler loaded with ice water and 200+ washcloths to practice field or football field at the start of the afternoon
      session of band camp on especially hot days.  At the end of practice, committee picks up and launders the washcloths.
  4. Water/Ice Committee-Committee has water available for the band at parades, football games, and competitions.  For competitions,
      bottles of water are loaded in three coolers with ice before time to load the semi trailer. 
  5. Bus Chaperones-Chair schedules bus chaperones for travel performances, including parades and marching/concert competitions. 
      Chaperones ride the buses to ensure the safety of the band students. Chaperones also walk in the parades, cooling the students with
      spray water bottles.
  6. Travel Meal Committee-Committee works with band directors to arrange meals for extended-distance competition trips, 
       such as semi-state, state, and Bands of America. 
  7. Pit Crew-Chair works with band directors to staff pit crew for competitions. Pit Crew helps move band equipment and show props on and
      off the field for home football games and marching season competitions, and loads/unloads the semi trailer/box truck when the band
  8. Show Prop Building Crew-Chair reports to the Pit Crew Chair, and works with band directors to plan and coordinate the
       building of the marching season props, including purchasing of materials
  9. Band Semi Trailer-Chair reports to the Pit Crew Chair, and coordinates the maintenance/inspections, tractor rentals, and
       hiring a CDL-licensed driver to pull the Mustang semi-trailer in parades and to competitions.
10. Concert Season Uniforms-Chair orders uniforms for concert season. Committee fits boys in tux coats; provides
       mending assistance at concerts and competitions, and gets tux coats cleaned after season.

Fall      Fpotball season Senior Night (at Football Game)
            -Coordinates individual and group photos of senior band students, including ordering of laminated poster-sized individual photos.  
            -Committee also chooses a blanket or other gift to be presented to the seniors, and hangs up and takes down posters
             on the football field fence.  Posters are to be stored in band room for use at spring banquet.

April    Scholarship Essay Contest
            -Chair cannot be a senior parent. The Munster Band Backers offer two, one-time, $500 scholarships to qualified seniors.  
            -Chair coordinates the notification of the contest, secures the judging by outside individuals, collects
              entries, and facilitates the  notification and announcement of the winners.

May    Spring Banquet
           Senior parents are encouraged to participate on this committee but others are welcome to assist.  Chair needed to coordinate this end
           of school year banquet celebrating marching season, concert season and honoring the bands’ outgoing seniors. Committee secures
           location, food and beverages, sends invitations and manages responses, coordinates senior gifts, and handles decorating, set-up/clean-up.

Bi-Monthly   (FRIP-Fee Reduction Inventive Program)  
Discount percentages/profits are shared between participating families and the band.  Committee provides order forms
through emails, collects and fills orders, and markets the program to other parents.

Ongoing  (Sponsorships)
Chair coordinates the solicitation of financial support from area businesses and individuals.
Various  (Restaurant Fundraisers)
Chair coordinates with restaurants, such as Pizza Hut, Panera, Five Guys, Chipotle to have band fundraiser nights. 
Chair provides restaurant vouchers/flyers to band families.

Various  (Car Wash Coupon Cards)
Coupon cards are sold to Easy Clean Car Wash – 5 Ultimate Washes for $25 or 5 Regular Washes for $20. Families can purchase for themselves
and sell to family and friends.  Students earn 50% of value of cards sold in their Charms account to be used for fees.

Football season  (Football Game Tailgate)
Held prior to a pre-selected home football game, the Committee coordinates the purchase/donation of food, handles the set-up/clean up,
cooking and food sales.

November  (Bunco--Ladies Night Out)
Committee gets event location, and orders food and beverages. Committee seeks business donations for raffle baskets and door prizes;
sets up/cleans up, decorates and works event.

December (1st weekend)  Concessions at the Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair at MHS
Chair works with Parks Department and Athletic Office to secure our participation. Committee coordinates purchase/donation of food;
secures workers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to set up/clean-up and sell food.

March    (ISSMA Contest Concessions)
Chair works with Band Director to coordinate details of the Middle School ISSMA Contest hosted at WWMS.  Committee coordinates

purchase/donation of food to sell; secures workers for Friday and Saturday to set up/clean-up and sell food, coordinates meals for judges’
room, helps secure volunteers to work ISSMA event.

March   (Pasta and Pizzaz)
Chair works with Band Director to coordinate student performances during dinner that is prepared and served by the Committee.
The Committee seeks business donations for raffle baskets, silent auction, etc..

April (Prom Grand March)
Committee decorates and facilitates the event held in the MHS field house, including clean-up.

Corporate/Back Office
Fundraiser chairs will submit information to be publicized, and the Publicity Committee will then:
1.  Submit information for posting on the calendar pages of the Times and Post Tribune newspapers;
2.  Work with the MHS Theater director to include band fliers in concert and theater programs;
3.  Set up and staff the Band Backer table at events such as concerts, to promote Backer fundraisers;
4.  Contact Munster businesses to post fliers promoting fundraisers and to use their marquee signage for 
band messages;
5.  Contact MHS Main Office to use school marquee signage for events/fundraisers;
6.  Contact Pepsi to get banners to ha
.ng on football field fence when appropriate;
7.  Develop relationships with Munster businesses to host fundraisers;
8.  Ensure that sponsors are recognized in accordance with established criteria;
9.  Provide the Paragon staff, the PTO (Mustang Memo), and other MHS forums, with information and photographs
      chronicling the band’s accomplishments to be published in the yearbook, etc.

Executive Board
One Year Term-Band Backer Officer
Executive Board positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; and terms run from July 1 through June 30
to coincide with the school year and the corporation’s fiscal year.

August-Finance/Audit Committee
Vice President facilitates an audit of the previous year’s financial records by a committee comprised of at least three
members who are not officers (either outgoing or incoming)

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